How to teach your child to Ski?

How to teach your child to Ski?

How to learn your child skiing ?

Every parent who loves winter sports like Skiing or Snowboarding know, that your kid’s first encounter with the slopes is very important.

Approaching children and gradually teach them the basic moves and techniques is essential part of their life.
If you have enough experience and patience you can try and teach them yourself.
But keep in mind, you have to ensure a positive first-time experience for your children skiing and snowboarding, otherwise they will get negative experience.
That’s why your winter ski holiday is the easiest and funniest way to show them the beauty of the slopes and the mountains.

Suitable skiing options for you?


Skiing lessons in Borovets:

Ski Resort Borovets has several licensed schools that offer Day Ski and Snowboard lessons.
Consider renting Kids gear that fit them personally, in addition to getting a good boot fit and having a short ski is essential for making learning to ski easier.
Depending on the budget you have to choose between private or group lessons with professional ski and snowboard instructors and renting the ski or snowboard gear for their first runs on the slopes.

Ski School “RilSki” for example offers the following services:

Group Ski or Snowboard Lessons for children up to 12 years old,
with price starting from € 15 per day – Check the Price - HERE

Ski and Snowboard Equipment For Hire / Rent,
with prices starting from € 13 per day – Check the Price HERE

Skiing Ski School Borovets
Ski School Borovets

Every kid loves the snow and outdoor games, in today's fast urban life is nice to give your children some fresh air in the mountains. Make your ski holiday unforgettable and show the beauty of the white slopes of Borovets and Rila mountain to your children.